Homeopathic Remedies For Anxiety And The ADHD Connection

file0001262425524What is the ADHD and anxiety connection? How can homeopathic remedies for anxiety help with ADHD? Let us take the diagnostic view first. When children are diagnosed with ADHD, they are more than likely to suffer from a co-morbid disorder. As if ADHD was not enough!

In an About Our Kids survey, it was found that up to 25% of children with ADHD also suffer from anxiety. The same figure holds for those diagnosed with anxiety in that ADHD is going to occur in about a quarter of the children.

What are the main co-morbid disorders? The first one is anxiety and depression. The second most common one is oppositional defiance disorder (ODD) followed closely by OCD. The latter stands for obsessive compulsive disorder.

Actually, OCD is very closely related to anxiety because this is where the child becomes over anxious about things that may harm, frighten or dirty his environment. He becomes obsessed with these and will perform repetitive rituals or compulsions in order to protect himself from these. Somebody has appropriately called this disorder an overactive alarm system.

The second almost unknown fact is that the psychostimulant drugs like Adderall and Ritalin, when prescribed for ADHD, often increase anxiety and the child is left feeling very unhappy. This seems to be the antitheses of what a happy childhood should be.

Yet the pharmaceutical companies have played this one down so much that people rarely know anything about it. They know all about the so called heart risks (which actually seem to be almost nil) but nothing about anxiety which is rife!

It seems that psychostimulants are not really the best way of treating anxiety and ADHD. One solution is to take a closer look at homeopathic remedies for anxiety and ADHD. The main ingredients used in a lot of the preparations are aimed at calming the child down which immediately leads to fewer worries. Then they are also effective at helping the child to relax, to focus better and also the child will be much less reckless and impulsive.

The ingredients used are those famous ones such as hyoscyamus, arsen iod and tuberculinum. The great thing about these remedies is that there are no side effects so that sleep problems and eating disorders just do not exist. That is such a relief for many parents. There are no health risks or long term doubts about what these reparations are doing to the developing child’s brain.

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Homeopathic ADHD Remedies – What Are They And Are They Safe?

Homeopathic ADHD remedies have been gaining a great deal of popularity over that last few years due to their safety and effectiveness. I can remember over 10 years ago when homeopathy was first introduced to me I thought a homeopathic remedy was exactly the same as a conventional herbal remedy. My how wrong I was! So I thought that perhaps there was someone else who might be confused about exactly what homeopathic ADHD remedies are and what to expect when using them as an alternative treatment. A good place to start our investigation is to gain a better understanding of homeopathy itself. So if you have a few minutes why don’t we get started?

Homeopathy is a precise system of medicine that is grounded in the belief that both mental and physical conditions are cured by a substance that produces symptoms similar to those experienced by the person being treated. An easy way to think about this is much in the same way one would think about being vaccinated, without the side effects and long needles.

According to the law of similars, “like cures like”, which means that an illness can be treated by giving a person minute doses of substances that produce effects similar to those of the illness itself. Another very relevant and important concept of this form of alternative medicine, especially as it applies to homeopathic ADHD remedies is that a single medication should be sufficient to cover all the symptoms. So put simply homeopathic ADHD remedies, when formulated correctly, should relieve all, or at least most, of the primary ADHD symptoms including inattention, impulsivity, erratic behavior, and hyperactivity.

When a person thinks about children in general, or their special child, one of the first things that probably comes to mind is how he or she struggles with concentration. Their young minds just instinctively want to explore for new information, jumping from one thing to another but the ADHD child takes this concept to a whole new level. This obviously can create problems in the classroom.

It only makes sense to conclude that a full spectrum approach, using homeopathic ADHD remedies, would not only be an effective treatment for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder but would also support overall harmony and balance in the brain, creating a fertile climate for concentration and mental focus.

What Next? If you feel homeopathic remedies for ADHD are an option worth considering you should look for products containing Hyoscyamus (for restlessness, hyperactivity), Verta alb (promotes emotional stability), and Arsen iod (for irritability and focus). Homeopathic remedies are very safe and especially helpful for those who have been unable to tolerate the side effects of prescription medications and considered to be a safe alternative to drugs such as Ritalin and Adderall.

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